Skin Care for Men

Skin Care for Men

Basic Men’s Skin Care Routine

Step 1: Wash with a facial cleanser.


Washing your face with a mild face cleanser like Power Start helps to remove dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin without stripping the skin.

Depending on your skin type, you’ll want to wash your face in the morning, at night, or both. Oily skin types will likely benefit from twice-a-day cleansing, while dry skin might do better with cleanser in the morning and a splash of warm water at night (or vice versa). Normal and combination skin types can experiment to see which frequency feels best.

When it’s time to cleanse, start by getting your skin damp with some warm water. Squeeze a bit of cleanser onto your fingertips and massage into your skin in circular, upward strokes for about 30 seconds. If you have facial hair, spend a little extra time making sure the cleanser reaches the skin below. Once you’re fully scrubbed, remove it with a few splashes of warm water. Finish off with a splash of cool water to help close your pores.

Step 2: Shave carefully.


Whether you have a beard, mustache, or clean-shaven face, chances are you reach for the razor at least a few times per month. At first glance, you might not think of shaving as skin care, but it involves using both a product (shaving cream) and a tool (a razor). Building your men’s skincare routine is all about finding the right products and using them correctly.

The most important thing to remember is to shave after cleansing or wetting your face. Not only will moisture help soften the hair and make it easier to remove, but cleansing will get rid of excess oil and dead skin that can clog up your razor. Once your skin is wet, lather generously with shaving cream like Charged Up Shaving Cream and begin to shave with the direction of hair growth. Shaving against the grain can lead to irritation and in-grown hairs, so it’s important to take your time and notice the different directions your hair grows. It might head one way on your cheek and another on your neck. Rinse your razor with hot water after every stroke and be sure to store your razor somewhere it will dry completely between uses.

Step 3: Moisturize and protect.


All skin types – yes, even oily skin – benefit from a moisturizer. When your skin is properly hydrated, fine lines start to plump up and become less noticeable, while other beneficial ingredients can help the skin look even brighter and younger. Moisturizer can also take the place of aftershave, with soothing ingredients to help fight irritation.

The top reason we hear for men skipping moisturizer is that they don’t like the way it feels on their skin. If what you’ve been using is a thick, heavy cream, we totally get it! Fortunately, there are great lightweight formulas available that provide the moisture you need without you even knowing they’re there. We created our Cool Down Face Balm to do just that. Aloe is the main hydrating ingredient, while bergamot and rosemary help reduce dark spots and signs of aging. It sinks in quickly with no sticky residue and is light enough to be layered on several times a day, if necessary.

Bonus Step: Treat yourself to a “treatment.”

Once you see the amazing effects just a few weeks of moisturizing can have, you’ll want to know what else is out there! That’s where targeted treatments like serums and masks come in. Here are a few suggestions based on skin type:

Dry Skin: Massage a few drops of Dew Date Facial Oil after shaving and before moisturizing.

Oily Skin: Apply Masque of Zen a few times a week on freshly cleansed skin or as an overnight spot treatment for pimples.

All Skin Types: In the morning and at night, apply One Drop Wonder before your moisturizer or mix them together for an antioxidant boost.


Lots of women use their skincare routine to charge up in the morning and decompress at night – and it’s about time for guys to get in on the skincare benefits, too! Just three or four steps are all it takes to start your journey toward healthier-looking skin. Share this simple routine with a man in your life to help him get going!