Alex and Niki’s Wedding

The Beginning

Photo by PMooreproductionimages| Makeup by Asia Thurston| Styling by Youniquely You| Hair by CrownedbyBri

This is the first time I have blogged about one of my wedding couples. I met Niki a couple of years back via a friend. We kept in contact and she allowed me to do her makeup. I had recently purchased a camera and we had a mini “photoshoot” session in my home office. Little did I know, I was looking at my future bride.

A couple of years went by and a photographer friend and I decided to put together a styled bridal photoshoot. The first problem was…I needed a model that was willing to participate and would make the pictures believable. I called on Niki to do the shoot because of a couple of different reasons. The first reason was Niki was newly married. She did not have a traditional wedding where the ceremony was at a church and the reception venue held 200 people. The second reason I decided to use Niki is because I found out during the preparation of the shoot that Niki did not have wedding pictures.  OMG! I couldn’t believe that she didn’t have any visual memories to remind her of her special day.

The Wedding Collaboration

I apparently needed many things to make this “wedding” happen so I started with Niki’s husband Alex-and this was the second problem. She didn’t think he would be a willing participant to receive makeup services. When I first met him, he was very apprehensive about me applying makeup to his face. His answer was absolutely NO! I assured him that the makeup will have a skin like finish and people won’t be able to decipher if he is wearing makeup. Days went by and I assumed the answer was still NO because she hadn’t mentioned it anymore.

I received an unexpected phone call from Niki stating that Alex was onboard. He was going to allow me to put makeup on him for the shoot. Now that I had consent, the planning continued. Next on the list was finding a dress. A coworker of mine allowed me to use her wedding dress because she could not fit it anymore; It fit Niki perfect! I hired a Wardrobe and Hair Stylist, and then there was me, as the Makeup Artist.

Styling a shoot is more than getting the outfit together. We needed to lockdown a venue for the shoot, find different locations to photograph Niki and her husband, make a bouquet, and create the perfect style for the shoot. Everything was coming together.

The End

Photography| PMooreproductionimages Styling|Youniquely You Makeup| Asia Thurston

Alex came to the shoot ready and winded up loving his makeup! It was such a pleasure working with this couple. They had me laughing the entire time! This styled shoot was perfect for the happy couple because it offered them the opportunity to have some of the traditional characteristics of a conventional wedding where a photographer was there to capture the moments they will remember forever, throw the bouquet and garter,  or smash cake in each other faces. Pictures are worth a thousand words and this photoshoot will always be there to remind them of their wedding day.

Maybe it’s…Maybelline Voxbox

I have subscribed to a program called Influenster.  Influenster is a company that sends FREE product to you based on things you like. Maybelline and Influenster teamed up to send out voxboxes to those who are interested in makeup. In my voxbox, I received the Maybelline 24k nudes palette, the push up angel mascara, and a purple waterproof gel liner pencil. Read below to see what I thought of each product.

The 24k Nudes Palette ($9.98-$11.99)

I love neutral colors and when Influenster and Maybelline sent this to me FREE for review, I was ecstatic! Here are some pros and cons that I found for this product.


  • There is actually a selection of matte and shimmer colors. There are 3 matte shades and 9 shimmer shades.
  • A couple of options of light and dark color choices.
  • Pigmentation is okay


  • When I wet my brush, the color doesn’t intensify.
  • I had to build up the pigmentation-which I think is a lot of unnecessary work.

The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara ($9.49)

The packaging is cute, but with a little false advertising. When it was first opened, I thought there was something to push up in order to use the product considering it looks as if the container has two sides. It is not two sided, that’s just how the packaging is. As I pulled out the wand, I noticed that it was definitely different from what I am used too. It looks like a long, skinny, flexible comb. The great thing about it is it does get right at the root of the lashes AND it makes your lashes sweep to the side and offers you a dramatic winged look. I will be using it even after the tube of mascara is gone! I really like this wand.


Lasting Drama Waterproof gel pencil ($6.94)

I used the polished amethyst pencil on a client and it did exactly what it states that it does. The claim is: it is waterproof and smudge-resistant, it glides on smooth for impactful definition, has all-day wear, allergy tested,  suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers and it is very pigmented. IT DID ALL OF THIS! My client contacted me the next day and told me she washed her face, but the liner didn’t come off! Now can you say…..yaaaas! or…ahem…Amen. I will be purchasing more colors! In other reviews I read they state that you can not sharpen it. I have not tried to sharpen yet as I just recently used it for the first time.

Eat Well Be Well Voxbox

Good day people! Have you ever heard of Influenster?  Influenster sent me the Eat Well Be Well Voxbox to test out for free. Let me explain what Influenster is. Influenster is a community over 2 million people who review products, share honest opinions with brands and the community. I love it because they send out cool products to test for FREE! Yes, I said it, FREE! I was sent the Eat Well Be Well Voxbox which included coupons to purchase free products from Udi’s Gluten Free, Earth Balance, Evol, and Glutino.  Let me share with you the products I picked up from each company.

What did I receive from Udi’s Gluten Free?

I picked up Udi’s  Three Cheese Gluten Free pizza from the freezer section of Walmart. I actually thought the pizza was going to taste decent, but it didn’t, sorry! After putting it in the oven for the desired time, it came out looking good, but it honestly tasted like cardboard. I would not be purchasing this again.

What did I receive from Evol?

I purchased (for free) Evol’s Butternut Squash and Sage Ravioli. Doesn’t that sound good?! After microwaving it for the proper amount of time, and letting it sit, it was AMAZING! You can taste all of the flavor in this dish. I would definitely repurchase this!

What did I get from Glutino?

I received a bag of pretzels from Glutino. I have to be honest, I have not tasted this yet or created a meal. More to come on these gluten free pretzels.

What did I receive from Earth Balance?

I decided to purchase the butter spread. I made a grilled cheese sandwich last week with this spread and OMG, it’s really tasty. I can’t wait to use it again when I make breakfast. The price point is about $3.50.

This was an awesome way to get a chance to taste test these products for free. I can’t wait to bring you another post/review about another voxbox Influenster sends me. Until then, I will talk to you soon.

Anastasia Lip Palette Volume 1

Greetings! This year, Anastasia Beverly Hills, known for their brow products, liquid lipsticks, and eyeshadows, came out with a lip palette.  It’s Anastasia Beverly Hills New Lip Palette Volume 1. Many people love this palette because of what you can actually create. Now, typically a Makeup Artist would LOVE something like this, but I am finding that those that love lipsticks are finding this to be a gem as well!

Let’s talk about what it offers:

According to the brand, this lip palette is an 18-well professional lip palette with shades ranging from primaries and neutrals to bold brights. The palette is meant to create an endless array of lip looks by mixing and customizing these long-wearing matte shades. When using this palette, mix primary colors with other colors, layer and customize or wear them alone or mixed together.

What it includes: 

It Includes a mixing plate and double-ended lip brush and spatula

I thought this palette didn’t have names, just numbers, but as I searched their site, here are the shade descriptions and numbers from left to right on the palette.

ROW 1                                                   ROW 2                                                ROW 3
1 – Peachy Pink                           7 – Vibrant Coral                               Primary 1 – White
2 – Red Oak Brown                    8 – Warm Sandy Brown                Primary 2 – Black
3 – Burnt Orange                        9 – Vibrant Orchid Purple            Primary 3 – Red
4 – Rich Oak Brown                  10 – Berry Pink                                  Primary 4 – Yellow
5 – Burnished Berry                  11 – Soft Oak Brown                       Primary 5 – Blue
6 – Rich Mahogany Brown     12 – Vibrant Pink                           13 – Blackened Berry

So What Do I Think?

Hmmm, I actually really like the palette, well, the colors that I tried. I love the versatility of the palette, the colors, how opaque they are,  and the finish (matte) of the lipsticks. In testing the lipsticks, I did notice that some of the colors are more matte than others. I am not sure if it’s because my lips were getting chaffed from trying on so many different shades or if it was truly the formula. All in all, this is a great palette at a great price of $48. If you would like to see what some of the colors look like on me, check out my youtube video —> Anastasia Lip Palette

Christmas Holiday Glam

Hi There! This is a Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial featuring Makeup Geek’s Utopia. This look features gold glitter and a bold plumy, glossy lip. It can be worn to an office party, a night on the town with the girls, or on a date. Its a pretty simple look to do. Make sure you have glitter glue or some type of adhesive to make the glitter stick!

Eyes: Makeup Forever and Juvia’s place

Face: Black Opal Cream Stick Foundation (two shades-one for all over color and two for highlight), Blushes from LeFemme, Highlight from Danessa Myricks

Lips: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Palette

Thanks for watching!
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