Model Calls

Model Calls

Hello, Fellow Beauties!

As you can see, we will be talking about MODELS! I relocated to Raleigh, NC October 2017 with no clientele. The only way for me to practice was to get people in my chair. My practice sessions are model calls. This was a great opportunity to meet new people and have a new face to practice on. As I began to meet new models and photographers, I thought it would be great to start a newsletter that gives them tips, encouragement, and possible gigs. I created the newsletter as a way of the models connecting, learning, and engaging with each other.


This month I wanted to offer tips/encouragement to help those who are new to modeling. I’ve reached out to girls who have been modeling for a while AND those who have just started. I want you to have a better insight and thoughts about modeling since I am not one….(I stay in my lane)…so this is what came out of it:
  • Determine what type of modeling you want to do: Runway, Print, Promotional. Research and practice that field.
  • NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK as much as possible with other Models, Photographers, Designers, and Makeup Artists…BE CORDIAL TO EVERYONE….you never know who you will meet.
  • Be early for any event that you do. This allows people to see that you are serious, and possibly lead you to an opportunity to work with that company or person again.
  • This one is most important and it relates to ANYONE you work with: review a person’s work and research them before working with them. Bring someone with you to photoshoots if you can, until you are comfortable with them.
  • MY FAVORITE TIP–> STAY HYDRATED. Remember what goes inside shows on the outside.
  • PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Walking in front of a long mirror helps you see what looks good and it helps with muscle memory.

Typically, model calls are every month if time permits…but….

Model Call Sessions are now closed! There will be a couple of dates available for the month of August. As they open, please go ahead and schedule a time that fits your availability. Check back in July for August dates!!!

I do appreciate everyone’s willingness to participate. If you know someone interested, please inform them of the website The password is “skinisin”.

Thank you for all of your support!