More Than Skin Deep Webinar

More Than Skin Deep Webinar

Have you ever wondered why some skincare products don’t work well for you?

You’ve tried different products and they didn’t seem to do ANYTHING?

If this is you, learn how to care for your skin!

We all know how important skincare is and how flawless you could look bare-faced or while wearing makeup. Join me during this 2-hour live webinar and by the end, you will: 

  • Know the difference between 7 skin types.
  • Be able to demonstrate the process on how to discover your skin type
  • Recognize how to take care of your skin
  • Identify tips on how to keep your skin happy and healthy
  • Participate in a 7-day challenge

How to prepare for this webinar:

  • Download Zoom on your desktop/laptop or phone
  • Bring Paper and Pen for taking notes
  • Be ready to ask questions
  • Be prepared for quizzes and prizes