What First Time Brides look for in a Makeup Artist

What First Time Brides look for in a Makeup Artist.  If you are a first time bride, this is for you. Many of you are so overwhelmed when preparing for your special day, that makeup artistry takes a back seat on your list of things to do. Unfortunately many brides don’t understand the importance of hiring a Makeup Artist.

When I first began “playing in makeup”, there was no understanding of the value of makeup. Yes girl.. value! I, like some of you, searched for the person who was cheapest in price. As I began to understand how important and valuable makeup artist are, I realized that it takes a LOT of money, time, practice, skill, and ability. Many people think you just throw on some makeup and you are good to go. Um…NO! That’s not quite how it works, it’s so much more in depth than that. Too deep to get into right now. First, let’s focus on what first time brides look for in a Makeup Artist and why you should hire one. Following this, I will share with you a list of what first time brides look for in a Makeup Artist.

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You should just pick the cheapest person right? 

  • For quality makeup and tools that are used at the time of service- hiring a Makeup Artist who only charges say $30 are not using top quality products by no means
  • Years of training, experience, and practice- many “Makeup Artists” are self taught from what has been seen on YouTube. They have not experienced training under a Professional who has been in the business for years.
  • Website and Liability InsuranceHow will you know if their work is what you are looking for? The website showcases their ability and allows you to see what type of work they do. Insurance protects the Artist and You. If they’re not insured, they may not be serious about their business.
  • A luxurious experience- A bride wants to feel and look like a celebrity, which she should. Providing a luxurious experience through: relieving stress ,being comfortable in your own home, understanding the clients desires, and creating an aromatherapy experience that will last a lifetime!



  • A great portfolio
  • Upfront pricing and availability
  • Recommendations and reviews
  • Understanding what the client wants
  • Sanitation and organization
  • A trustworthy person
  • Someone they can vibe with
  • The use of quality makeup and tools
  • A traveling Makeup Artist
  • A luxury experience




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