Stellar Selfie Ring Light Kit

When you get ready to take a selfie, what’s the first thing you do? 1. Do you turn your on your camera first? 2. Position the camera at the right angle first? 3.Take a selfie near natural light? Do you care if there’s natural light? Depending on what type of selfie king or queen you are, will depend on what you actually do first. I know many people who position themselves first whether they are using natural or artificial light. Secondly, they turn on the camera. Next, the pose, then click.

Well once they click and realize that their camera captured nothing but darkness, they get upset. They are upset because they are actually snatched and highlighted for the gods, and they want everyone to see it. Unfortunately for them, no one will see it because more than likely they are in a dark room, with minimum lighting. They can definitely try the bathroom lighting, but who’s to say the lighting will be great in there!

As any “professional” selfie taker will tell you, lighting in KEY for obvious reasons! If you are a blogger, vlogger, YouTuber, Periscoper, Instagramer, or Facebook Live king or queen, you will need some form of lighting. I recently purchased a lighting setup for on the go! It’s the Stellar Lighting Systems Selfie Right Light Kit. It is small and it fits on your cell phone. I bought this light kit for two reasons. 1. I needed something for my phone to set on when I Periscope. 2. My selfie game IS NOT on point and I wanted a light that I could take on the go when I went out.

Let me give you a little insight on the Go Diva light kit. When you purchase the entire kit (you can purchase the items separately), it includes: Go Diva Ring Light ($20.99), Stellar Mini Tripod,  and the Photo Bracket ($12.99). The kit retails for $29.99. When you purchase the Go Diva by itself, it looks like this:

So the question of the day is….is it worth the $30? Absolutely! I think this is the best and cheapest investment to make if you can’t afford the 18″ ring light AND you can take it on the go! Here is a video showing you the three light settings..Enjoy

Go Diva Video

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