Maybe it’s…Maybelline Voxbox

I have subscribed to a program called Influenster.  Influenster is a company that sends FREE product to you based on things you like. Maybelline and Influenster teamed up to send out voxboxes to those who are interested in makeup. In my voxbox, I received the Maybelline 24k nudes palette, the push up angel mascara, and a purple waterproof gel liner pencil. Read below to see what I thought of each product.

The 24k Nudes Palette ($9.98-$11.99)

I love neutral colors and when Influenster and Maybelline sent this to me FREE for review, I was ecstatic! Here are some pros and cons that I found for this product.


  • There is actually a selection of matte and shimmer colors. There are 3 matte shades and 9 shimmer shades.
  • A couple of options of light and dark color choices.
  • Pigmentation is okay


  • When I wet my brush, the color doesn’t intensify.
  • I had to build up the pigmentation-which I think is a lot of unnecessary work.

The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara ($9.49)

The packaging is cute, but with a little false advertising. When it was first opened, I thought there was something to push up in order to use the product considering it looks as if the container has two sides. It is not two sided, that’s just how the packaging is. As I pulled out the wand, I noticed that it was definitely different from what I am used too. It looks like a long, skinny, flexible comb. The great thing about it is it does get right at the root of the lashes AND it makes your lashes sweep to the side and offers you a dramatic winged look. I will be using it even after the tube of mascara is gone! I really like this wand.


Lasting Drama Waterproof gel pencil ($6.94)

I used the polished amethyst pencil on a client and it did exactly what it states that it does. The claim is: it is waterproof and smudge-resistant, it glides on smooth for impactful definition, has all-day wear, allergy tested,  suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers and it is very pigmented. IT DID ALL OF THIS! My client contacted me the next day and told me she washed her face, but the liner didn’t come off! Now can you say…..yaaaas! or…ahem…Amen. I will be purchasing more colors! In other reviews I read they state that you can not sharpen it. I have not tried to sharpen yet as I just recently used it for the first time.

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