3 Tips to Cover Under Eye Circles

There are so many tips and tricks that show you how to cover under eye circles. In this blog post, I am going to share 3 ways you can eliminate under eye circles or camouflage them. See, in a perfect world, we wake up like this-no blemishes, no dry skin, no oily skin, no unwanted guests lying on your face, no redness, the skin is even-just perfect. Unfortunately this is NOT a perfect world and we have to do what we have to to do. Many of us suffer from under eye circles because of stress or the lack of sleep we receive every night. With busy schedules, it’s hard to nourish our bodies in a good nights rest. Many people suffer from dark circles because of unhealthy lifestyle choices they indulge in. Whether than means you smoke, you are dehydrated, or you aren’t eating correctly-remember you are what you eat. Whatever seems to be your reasoning, there are ways to diminish under eye circles.

Tip #1

Make sure to completely wash your face. You have no idea how many times people have told me they have dark circles under their eyes to only find that they have simply not removed all of the makeup that was previously worn. Listen people, cleanliness is next to Godliness. I need you to get it together.

Tip #2

Get your beauty rest. Increase the amount of hours you spend sleeping. Getting about 8 hours of sleep per night could help decrease the discoloration underneath your eyes.


Tip #3

Use a concealer. You can hide dark circles with concealer. Use a concealer closest to your skin tone. Place the concealer over the darkened area and pat (with your ring finger or a brush) until it blends it into the skin. Use a translucent powder to set it. If you wear makeup on a consistent basis, you can opt for an medium to dark orange corrector (for medium to darker skin tones) or a light orange or salmon colored corrector (for light to medium skin tones). The corrector cancels out the darkness under the eye, which allows you to place a foundation or concealer on top and Wha la! It looks as if you have never had dark circles.

If you have any remedies that you think works well, please share in the comments below. Thank you for stopping by!

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