Alex and Niki’s Wedding

The Beginning

Photo by PMooreproductionimages| Makeup by Asia Thurston| Styling by Youniquely You| Hair by CrownedbyBri

This is the first time I have blogged about one of my wedding couples. I met Niki a couple of years back via a friend. We kept in contact and she allowed me to do her makeup. I had recently purchased a camera and we had a mini “photoshoot” session in my home office. Little did I know, I was looking at my future bride.

A couple of years went by and a photographer friend and I decided to put together a styled bridal photoshoot. The first problem was…I needed a model that was willing to participate and would make the pictures believable. I called on Niki to do the shoot because of a couple of different reasons. The first reason was Niki was newly married. She did not have a traditional wedding where the ceremony was at a church and the reception venue held 200 people. The second reason I decided to use Niki is because I found out during the preparation of the shoot that Niki did not have wedding pictures.  OMG! I couldn’t believe that she didn’t have any visual memories to remind her of her special day.

The Wedding Collaboration

I apparently needed many things to make this “wedding” happen so I started with Niki’s husband Alex-and this was the second problem. She didn’t think he would be a willing participant to receive makeup services. When I first met him, he was very apprehensive about me applying makeup to his face. His answer was absolutely NO! I assured him that the makeup will have a skin like finish and people won’t be able to decipher if he is wearing makeup. Days went by and I assumed the answer was still NO because she hadn’t mentioned it anymore.

I received an unexpected phone call from Niki stating that Alex was onboard. He was going to allow me to put makeup on him for the shoot. Now that I had consent, the planning continued. Next on the list was finding a dress. A coworker of mine allowed me to use her wedding dress because she could not fit it anymore; It fit Niki perfect! I hired a Wardrobe and Hair Stylist, and then there was me, as the Makeup Artist.

Styling a shoot is more than getting the outfit together. We needed to lockdown a venue for the shoot, find different locations to photograph Niki and her husband, make a bouquet, and create the perfect style for the shoot. Everything was coming together.

The End

Photography| PMooreproductionimages Styling|Youniquely You Makeup| Asia Thurston

Alex came to the shoot ready and winded up loving his makeup! It was such a pleasure working with this couple. They had me laughing the entire time! This styled shoot was perfect for the happy couple because it offered them the opportunity to have some of the traditional characteristics of a conventional wedding where a photographer was there to capture the moments they will remember forever, throw the bouquet and garter,  or smash cake in each other faces. Pictures are worth a thousand words and this photoshoot will always be there to remind them of their wedding day.

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